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Retired educator and local historian, Dr. Roger Landers has published a book Hernando County 1843-1945 the First one hundred years of thereabout. Not a new history of the county, but a collection of family histories, early Florida newspapers articles, original documents, first person narratives, personal recollections and some really great period stories.
Some examples included are:

    • The 1842 letter from Isaac Garrison to the military at Fort Brook (Tampa) detailing the murder of Charlotte Crum by the Seminoles ;
    • The Flood of 1856 that decimated most of the farms and plantation, leaving a foot and a half of sand in many locations;

The 1863 and 1864 raids by Union forcesat Bayport and through Hernando County;

    • The 1877 “dust up” between Sheriff Hop Smith and State Representative Marvel Edwards that resulted in the death  of Edwards.;
    • The establishment of county boundaries following the 1887decision to divide the Hernando into Hernando ,Citrus and Pasco Counties;
    • The 1914 decision by the Board of County Commissioners not to pave several streets with bricks in Brooksville choosinginstead to treat one hundred miles of county roads with sand and oil;
    • The correspondence of the special prosecutor with the Governor office regarding the murder ofCity Attorney Herbert Smithson in 1931;
    • And on a humorous note, When a barber was asked for directions to the men’s room he replied: “Go down the hall to the room with: ‘Gentleman’ over the door, don’t pay any attention to the sign just go on in!”

Hernando County has a rich, vibrant and sometimes humorous, sometimes sad history. This book captures the “back story” of that history.


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